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we're back now with more "today" on a friday morning, it's the 17th day of september, 2010, it was raining out here just an hour ago. now there's clouds in the sky and from what we understand it's going to be a beautiful day. and a beautiful weekend r these nice people who stopped by to viz it the. >> we just had some major storms that rolled through yesterday afternoon, did a lot of damage, actually one person was killed. we'll talk more about that in a second. meantime i'm matt lauer along with natalee morales. an amazing story out of washington state where this
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young lady claims a total stranger walked up to her and said hey, beautiful lady, do you want to drink this and when she said no, she threw the acid on her. now she admits she did it to herself. >> and the emotional despair she seems to be going through. are you looking for a good deal on a home? now they be the time? now we're looking at homes that are under $400,000 from a florida gated community to a quiet escape nestled in the nines of arizona. but what if what you're in the market for is a luxury vacation, now is the time to get packing and whether you want to lounge by the pool or go to a more exotic escape, perhaps morocco, we're going to show you some world class hotels that are
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offering great deals right now, but you do have to act fast. if you have the flexibility, it's a good time to travel. >> let's go inside, ann's standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines. in a developing story this morning, five men are under arrest in london as police investigate a suspected plot to harm the pope. police are also searching locations throughout the city acting they say on a tip. meanwhile the pope was warmly welcomed by thousands of children "today." he again referred to the church abuse scandal which has made even his visit controversial. encouraging words from defense secretary robert gates on thursday. he said the military surge in afghanistan appears to be working. there has been a rash of kidnappings, the taliban has vowed to disrupt the vote. in a stunning turn about, that washington state woman who claimed that someone threw acid
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in her face is now admitting she did it to herself. police say bethany storro did it to herself and is very remorsabremors remorsef remorseful. arged with a lie.will now be meantime the actor who appeared in the film "the 40-year-old virgin" could spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of attacking hiss girlfriend with a knife. >> he sat motionless as the verdict was read. >> we the jury in the above entitled cause final the defendant guilty of the crime of attempted murder. >> he was found guilty of the attempted murder of kendra bebe and assault with a deadly weapon. the trial was filled with dramatic system, claiming he was flailing wildly with a knife. >> kind of like this. >> trying to defend himself from an attack by maldanado when he
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stabbed bebe several times. kendra bebe broke down on the stand when she described the knife attack. >> i saw this flash of silver and he goes, bang, bang, bang, so i screamed at the top of my lungs, like help, help, 911, call 911, he's killing me. >> his most prominent role as an actor was at the character haziz in "the 40-year-old virgin." but prosecutors say it was his acting that sealed his fate. >> he certainly doesn't deserve an oscar for his performance in this courtroom. his testimony was absolutely unbelievable. >> after the verdict bebe was relieved saying no one wins with domestic violence. >> he is scheduled to be sentenced on november 18, george lewis, nbc news, los angeles.
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>> and a big honor "today" for britain's prince william. he is graduating as a fully certified search and rescue military helicopter pilot. the prince calls it an honor to serve with the royal air force. it is now four minutes past the hour, let's go back to matt and natalee. >> let's get a check of the weather, stephanie abrams filling in for al. >> 75th anniversa45th anniversas of your son. >> he said you're going to new york? i'll pay for it for you. >> this is the first time we have seen three storms circling in the atlantic. i gore will weaken to a category 2 as it impacts bermuda.
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so it will be dangerous as you head to the be >> a very happy friday to you. in sparkling to try out this afternoon with temperatures in the 80's. >> natalee, over to you. this morning on "today's" real estate. great homes for under 4$400,000. our tour guy, real estate contributor barbara corcoran.
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beautiful homes, let's get right to them. saraso sarasota, florida, you found a home for just under $300,000, it's got a gated community. >> and sarasota is world famous for its art scene and it also has 35 miles of white sand beaches. this is a big family home in that gated community and it includes the pool, the central pool, fitness center and tennis courts. here's a great shot of the kitchen, it has gleaming marble counter tops. just a nice, easy to maintain kitchen. they have a living room also in here, wait, let me talk about that dining room right there. that dining room is open and spacious, it's a little bit too wiry furniture for my taste, but there's plenty of space and you can do it up how you want. look how big that bed is, can you imagine how big the room is? it makes that big window look like a miniature window. it's not, don't be fooled, it's just the furniture.
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here's a shot out back and you have a full half mile before you even see your neighbors. is that land going to stay vacant and what's their plans for building up? >> and we're going to head to bashersville, west virginia, and we're looking at a home priceded at $79,000. is. >> the real estate double hasn't even hit this small town. tens from huntington. there's a beautiful kitchen, everything there is new, it's had a gut renovation. you can't really put another penny in that kitchen. >> stainless steel appliances. >> i love those bar stools as well. the master bedrooms, each of them are huge, high ceiling and great molding and the meticulousness of this house from top to bottom can't be beat. >> it can be beat with that porch, though, right. >> that's a party porch if i ever saw one. you have the barbecue grill and
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a great lovely backyard to look at. >> collierville, tennessee. >> you remember the company where that guy made a term paper and got a d, a terrible grade? what a mistake that was. this was in the best school district. that's the good news about this house. it's a big old scare stone house and all the rooms are nice and big and square. there's the living room, it showcases the two windows you saw and the fireplace. i think the dining room really pops with that crimson paint. here's an interesting view of the kitchen, you can see everything just in one quick look, you can see the appliances are new, the counter tops are new. a i think the floors look great, this is a beautiful house and if you can see out back, there's so
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many pictures, there's an extra room that is used as an office and there's the backyard, and an easy to maintain yard. >> beautiful kcurbs appeal as well. this is a beautiful house at $389,000, two bedroom, mid century home, and it's been recently restored. >> you don't want to judge that house by it's cover. it's very zen like for deep in the middle of the woods glen acres is a town that everybody loves. there's the living room, i think it's peaceful, quiet, not to everyone's taste, some people like a little bit more trim and coziness. it's just a beautiful spot to call home. i think the views out every window are not to be beat. there's trees out every window and there's that little pond out
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the window that's in need of just a few goldfish. >> our last home in phoenix, arizona, a home for just under 400,000 dl$400,000 and you're g lot of home for that price. >> people love phoenix, the fiesta bowl, the rock 'n roll marathon, the phoenix open, and the scottsdale horse show. this is a big living room with the adjacent dining room. there's another archway back to the left that joins the den as well. the kitchen, that just feels like phoenix, the colors are right. it seems easy. so the master bedroom, there's one, but there's a few more to look at. they're all similar in size, that's your little private oasis in the desert, right in your own backyard. >> that would be a nice one to move into. barbara corcoran, thank you very
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to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. this morning on "today's" travel, luxury hotels at lower prices, a five star resort doesn't have to break the bank. in fact there are a few big name hotels that have some amazing deals right now, but only for a limited time. kate, good morning. 6. >> good morning. >> the price ranges for booking one of these expensive luxury rooms can be pray outrageous.
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>> it can start at $300 a room, and sky's the limit. if you want the penthouse sweet, it could be thousands. >> this might be kind of a last chance for us to get deals because. >> i think so, the travel industry is looking a lot brighter so as you say, this might be your last chance. >> some of the things you think we might want to consider looking, you're looking at san juan. >> puerto rico. you don't need a passport to get to puerto rico. >> something called a piece of mind special. >> $170 a night. you buy two nights, you get the third free. ritz carlton, known for its wonderful service. it only 3 1/2 hours from new york, jetblue had flights from under $300. so you can do it for a long weekend pass. >> if you want to go overseas, really get out of town, there's great deals. >> it's a company wide deal
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actually, it excludes america and europe. so you're going to have to go to morocco, you can go to buenos ares in argentina. the great thing about the hotels is they really are not big corporate hotels, they reflect their natural surroundings. so in ro . >> and yet all these hotel rooms, we talk about these deals, are we talking smaller prices, $300 a night. >> under $300 a night. they start around $175. >> if you want to stay close to home, orlando, the orlando resort has something from the waldorf astoria who tell. >> this is outside of new york city, it's pretty new, it's connected to the disney resorts. but you don't have to go there. orlando, great destination, especially at the moment as it
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gets a bit colder. you can go whale watching, you can go daytona beach, you can go to the everglades, it's a great place to go. >> i can't believe this is under $300. >> marvelous service, great pool. >> and another of our favorites, and a real luxury brand and we're talking about las vegas property. if you like vegas, but you don't want to chime of the slot machine, this has a wonderful spa, wonderful design and great shopping there. >> the best deal on your list? $59 a night. >> $59 for a westin. if you really want to go a long way, go to thailand for its wonderful beaches, now is your chance. this hotel is brand spanking new, opened on the first of august, and this is their introductory rate. wonderful beaches, great pools.
9:19 am
>> do you have to book a certain number of rooms? what's the catch on that? >> they want people to go there because it's brand-new, so get there while you k. >> meantime in atlantic city, the taj mahal. you have some deals throughout this fall? >> atlantic city is about to get a lot of attention because of boardwalk empire the hbo series starts airing on sunday. it's 2 1/2 hours from new york and the property there has risen from $89 a night. if you book a week in advance, they give you an extra 10% off. and more than one night, they give you 15% off. atlantic city is getting a reputation for its restaurants. you can walk along the boardwalk and take in the sea air. >> coming up next, putting healthy food to the test. we're going to show you which products are the best in the market. and also coming up a little
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this month of triathelete magazine. it's a really pretty picture, natalee and it about how do you fit physical fitness into your schedule. >> you start small and you work your way up. i started with a sprint, hoda dama challenged me to it last year. it kind of increased the distance a little bit. so i've got one coming up this weekend. so if you're in the area, come on down and cheer us on. what's great about it is a lot of my friends have been inspired to do it now too. >> and you're doing wit your husband. >> and i have any sister-in-law who does triathlons as well. and my brother-in-law. doing it together is a great feeling. >> it's a great thing. and a bonding experience. >> and a great community bonding experience. so i encourage everyone to start small, do a 5 k, a 10 k and work your way up.
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>> this is a wbal tv 11 news update. >> a very happy friday to you. things weather-wise are very nice and quiet after showers and storms rolled through last night. 84 this afternoon and things are drying out at -- with a brisk wind at 5 to 15 miles per hour. a bright, sunny
9:29 am
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♪ and we're looking into the grammy award winning members of the ban the rue 5. it's safe toy say their dreams of rock 'n roll stardom have come true. and they're going to be here to play live in convert next week here on "today."cvert next week here on "today."ert next week here on "today." >> they have great.
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>> coming up in this half hour, we're going to be talking about advise that everyone can probably use. we're talking about how to remove stains from everything. >> even if you don't have kids. >> from what goes on your carpet, to furniture, fingerprints on your walls. we have got some expert advice on how to keep everything looking spic and span. >> just want to take a look at this home. also ahead, if you're trying to save on calories, but you don't want to skimp on taste, we're going to check out food picks from breakfast cereal to yogurt. >> good morning, guys, coming up, we're going to talk about the untold story of war, it's been nearly a decade since troops entered afghanistan. but while the military is off at war, their families have been at home. i'm going to take you to ft.
9:32 am
bragg where army wives are trying to keep it together. and what lurks, from kitchens to cams, doorknobs to computers, a breeding ground for bacteria, what is really lurking in and around your house. i'm not sure you really want to know this. what's old is also what's new again, more and more tv stars from the '70s and '80s now making their way back to the small screen, we're going to find out why a little bit later. >> let's do that wide shot one more time. we're really wanting to know what this weekend is going to be like. >> it's going to be phenomenal in the northeast. let's have a look at your forecast for your saturday. and there it is, up and down the east coast. it's really right around the lakes and the northwest is where we will see the bad weather and that s
9:33 am
>> i hope you're having a great friday. it's going to be beautiful this afternoon, drying out and less breezy with wind out of the north at -- northwest. >> and i want to thank dennis for making us all feel very old. the '80s were what, 30 years ago? >> 30 years ago. and let's go with the wide shot one more time. coming up next, a man is lucky enough to be alive after a grizzly bear attack. we'll tell you why these kinds of attacks are on the rise. that's coming up right after this. [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast
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this morning on "today's" call of the wild, the point of the mighty grizzly, with recent attacks by bears making headlines. msnbc science and environmental expert jeff corwin took a closer look at the fate of the iconic creatures. >> reporter: when jerry ruth retired from his job as a policeman in maryland moving to the wyoming frontier was a dream come true. last summer his dream became a nightmare. >> you're out with your friends, you're exploring this incredible country looking for elk, but an elk isn't what you found? >> i remember a brown blur and a growl. and then the next thing was a big fur blanket over my head and the sound of my bones crushing
9:38 am
in my face. >> reporter: jerry was attacked by a grizzly bear. the bear encounter that jerry had was catastrophic, the man's so lucky to be alive. but this is the place where he was attacked. and this is high desert, it is not bear country, why are we "toda today finding grizzly bears here. >> we're seeing bears in areas we typically haven't seen them. >> reporter: mark has been capturing and relocating grizzlies for 20 years. this year he and his team have captured more bears than ever before. the mighty grizzly bear once on the brink of extinction is now recovering, that's the good news, but today, these incredible creatures are running out of wilderness and they're wandering into what is now human territory. buy was this bear trapp eped to. >> this bear was frequenting
9:39 am
this ranch housing compound, almost every night for on and off for about a week. >> just look at this. i mean it's just amazing. look at those claws and those canine teeth can easily crush some bone. i assist a team in taking care and blood samples. they'll be used to check the animal's health and genetic history. he'll also be fitted with this radio tracking collar. >> he's been collared, you've got your data, your information, what happens next? >> i think we have a good release site west of the tetons. we'll more for him and see what he does. hopefully he returns to being a wild bear. >> reporter: it's not just a matter of changing bear behavior, but changing human behavior, a lesson jerry ruth has learned very well. >> bears have every right to be here as i do. i've got to learn to live in bear habitat, that's just
9:40 am
something i have to do. >> and jeff corwin is here with us, good morning to you. are there any steps that people who do live in bear country can take in order to avoid an attack of a grizzly? >> excellent question, it was an amazing experience to be able to shadow the wyoming game and fish as they're out there on the front lines trying to save both people and bears. but there's some common sense things people can do. if you have pets, simply by keeping your pet food in, if you leave it out on the porch. chances are a wandering bear may find his way into trouble by taking advantage of that food source. looking up your garbage, if you have livestock and keeping your livestock protected in electric fencing, all these things make a difference. let's say you're vacationing in yellowstone national park, by simply clapping your hands as you make your way up the trail, if there's a bear there, you
9:41 am
give that bear an opportunity to escape. simple steps can prevent a potential catastrophe when bear and human beings meet. >> jeff corwin, always great to see you. switching gears here, some easy ways to stain proof your home. but first, these messages. isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia.
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♪ phew! [ ernie ] we make our cookies the way only keebler elves can: with a little something extra. so every bite can be uncommonly good. this morning on "today," how to stain proof your house, simple things you can do to protect your belongings and save big dollars. we have the editor and chief of women's day magazine. so a lot of us now have heard about the stain resistant stuff that we can buy. doesn't mean they're stain proof? >> stain resistant means that it's been chemically treated so there's a treatment on top of it to prevent stains from seeping in immediately.
9:45 am
which is to say it resists stains, but you have to take care of that spill, that stain, anything, you have to take care of it immediately. that's the first cardinal rule of stains. >> you have seven cardinal rules, check tags. >> there's going to be a tag, there's a w, an s, w is like water solvent, x is you can use some kind of like dry-cleaning solve vent and then an x means don't use anything. >> we have got attack from the back. start with club soda. that's for any kind of stain? >> you always douse it with club soda and water. >> research online, blot, never rub, use white cloth, extra soap is better. so you spill a glass of wine, what do you do? >> let's start with rugs first. it's like going to be a bleach blond, it takes a lot of work.
9:46 am
and then black, like a black car is going to show everything. so we really say go toward a neutral. >> so it can be dirty and nobody knows? >> if you have a high traffic area, it's not a bad thing to do. like we said, when you do get a stain on the carpet, douse it with water and club soda. do your research, because you want to know what kind of stain, hold your kids to the wire, tell me what you did, because you want to get the stain out, not that you're going to get mad at them. if you don't know what it is, go for a few drops of like a dish water soap, dish soap and put it in some water, you can either put it in a jar, bubble it up and then take those bubbles, put it on top and let it sit and blot with a white towel. you don't want any other color to potentially bleed into the rug. you can always go to an
9:47 am
indoor/outdoor rug. this is from dash and elbert. they come in all different patterns. you can only put this over your rug for high traffic areas and always take your shoes off. 80% of dirt comes in through the house. >> what about our paint? >> if you are paiing a high traffic area, you always want to do a semigloss or a high gloss, avoid flat point at all costs and as great as it looks, it's not just going to be good for you. >> another pain in the keister. >> how do we clean them when our kids write on them with magic marker. >> i was you do get a stain and you are eventually going to have to repaint the walls, make sure you prime first. the prime will serve as a barrier that the stain won't go through. water usually won't damage anything, then you can take a damp sponge with the stain is persistent. some baking soda, rub the walls, it becomes course and then all
9:48 am
you want to do is rinse it with one part ammonia to two parts water. >> spray too and a white cloth as well. >> now you're really stunned by the variety of sort of stain resistant fabrics, these are chemically treated. but they're outdoor fabrics. >> they look so much like regular fabrics. part of it is the technology, it used to be a coating was put over outdoor fabrics, now it's woven in. >> and you can use those fabrics for even indoor furniture if you're not adverse to the idea of usingchemically treated fabrics in your house. >> i just wipe it down and it looks like great fabric. if you aren't going to go that route and you have stains in your house. make sure you read labels, you
9:49 am
can always take a cushion to the dry-cleaner and have them dry-clean it. you don't want to overclean, and be careful with pouring tons of water on it because you can be left with a spot. >> thank you, elizabeth, for getting up early this morning. and coming up next, get out your shopping list because we have and coming up next, get out your shopping list because we have some healthy products.
9:50 am
everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax.
9:51 am
now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. the magazine sampled 200 food products and came up with it's very favorites. allison, good morning to you. what was the criteria by cooking light? how did you pick and it a huge category here. >> yes, it's a lot of food. we actually tasted over 200
9:52 am
different food products, they had to be low in sodium, low in transfats and had to have low sugar. after that, it was all about flavor. >> you have starting off with the whole wheat bread. >> rudy's organic. this is 100% whole wheat that can sometimes be a little dry on dense. really great, great for sandwiches, great for toast. >> i know they have gluten free now. now cereal, good old raisen bran. >> they stayed nice and firm in milk. delicious. >> for the whole wheat spaghetti category, you picked gia reuss a. >> this is one thing, when you go and pick pasta, it's like a wall of pastas. >> it's like whole wheat now,
9:53 am
it's exploding. >> we actually tried 20. the color is right, the flavor's right, the texture is right. >> not too dry? >> firm, it goes with a lot of sauce. >> we have got the boil in a bag rice for the whole grain rice you, actually picked the boil in a bag. >> ten minutes, you've got rice, nice individual brains of rice, good flavor. >> we can't always make chicken soup from scratch, so if you're going to do it from the can, go with progresso? >> this is a lower sodium chicken soup. you've got nice, firm noodles. just what you want. >> tina, i know you guys broke it down in water and in oil. we're looking at the water "toda today, you like the whole foods brand. >> this is your tuna sandwiches, your tuna melts, your tuna casseroles. >> this is great because it's middle of the road, it's not too
9:54 am
dense, it's not too creamy. >> ice cream, light ice cream because it is cook light. >> we're lightening up. but you don't want it to taste like you're missing something. this is rich, it's creamy and it's got the vanilla bean. >> margarita and we went with the nonpiece a. it's got a really nice dough, not too thick. >> and this is what i eat every morning. yogurt, very healthy. >> very healthy with fruit. >> we're serving very healthy food, ann. >> i like healthy food. and that has zero fat. >> but not lacking in flavor? >> great protein in the morning. >> thank you, from cooking light magazine. coming up supermodel and
9:55 am
entrepreneur. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> this is a wbal tv 11 news update. >> this is the last friday of summer. it is going to feel a bit warmer than normal. some showers lingering in the mountains of western maryland. 83 degrees and quite breezy out there. 80's as well on the lower
9:58 am
eastern shore.
9:59 am

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